I don’t get why they’ve only had people on this show who are married why do all these people want to share a tiny house with another person????? I want a tiny house all to myself and you can come visit me

right now would be the perfect time for me to build a tiny house because I own like five things and I could get rid of like three of them

I hate these people they got rid of their cats and make their dog sleep in a crate in their tiny house that’s not how I would do it dog sleeps in the bed cat sleeps in the bed everyone gets along

if they want they could just sleep on the floor then they would also have a bed but they would also get to come on the bed if they want like if there is thunder or something

fuck these people

why doesn’t the show tiny house nation not realize that I don’t care about the people or their stupid problems or the things they want I just care about looking at the tiny house and how they build it

it’s weird that people accuse vegans of being classist

I mean alot are

but food prices are high because of meat! and land prices and gas prices and the cost of water rights (at least in colorado)




I have found the Holy Grail. Vegan mayo that’s just $1! Hampton Creek launched Just Mayo at Dollar Trees around the country in an effort to show that healthy foods don’t have to be expensive. And it shouldn’t be. I found this mayo at my DT on a whim and I bought a jar. #JustMayo is non GMO, cholesterol-free, gluten free, egg and lactose/dairy free, kosher and soy free! Veganism isn’t expensive and it shouldn’t be that way at all. It’s also not just for elite white people, contrary to popular belief. POC vegans and poor vegans exist too! #vegan #vegetarian #veganmayo #eggfrew #dairyfree #hamptoncreek

Reblogging twice because this stuff is really great and tastes exactly like non vegan mayo.

Sorry veganaise. Your time is up.

This stuff tastes better than any non-vegan mayo i’ve had, and now it’s affordable as hell. Get this stuff!

I have the normal and chipotle flavor of these it’s delicious

I think about the episode of the office where dwight and jim play second life all the time

I kinda miss the mouse =/

why us russia studying geckos mating in space? are they planning on building multigenerational terraforming seed ships? cause that would be awesome!

I had a nightmare about having an overdue library book =/

I am hungry and I want peanut butter toast but now I feel weird about peanut butter

my calves are so sore but not as sore as I thought they would be

salix-lucida replied to your post “I caught the mouse! and released it! but not very far away so it might…”

Lmao! Maybe the mouse wanted organic almond butter. And the peanut butter just wasn’t cutting it.

what kind of bougie ass mouse??? you come to my house uninvited?? and chew on my window ??you get jiff! that goes for everyone!