Agriculture is like sexting

Everyone kind of invented it independently at the same time cause it just makes sense

Except I wasn’t a teen ten thousand years ago so I had nothing to do with farming


"Why he lick me" compilation

people in the yellowstone region want to hunt wolves now????? we were just able to bring them back from the brink of extinction and now you want to hunt them again???? after the only successful reintroduction and recuperation of endangered wildlife in history???? you know why they were endangered right? because you assholes hunted them to save your fucking chickens why would we ever let you do that again I hope those wolves eat all your livestock and your fist born I would rather the whole park be populated by millions of wolves and we can just burn your shitty ranches to the fucking ground

Colorado US Senate race: Udall, Gardner and Kent on the issues

The candidates answered the following questions from CPR News about issues they may face. Rep. Cory Gardner’s campaign did not respond to repeated requests to complete CPR’s questionnaire.  His positions are comprised of previous statements and news coverage that CPR News has compiled.

oh man I hope that libertarian guy splits the conservative vote and makes things easier on all of us

also if I wasn’t a staunch leftist I wouldn’t vote for gardner just because he didn’t fill out the questionnaire so fuck him

I finished every season of avatar lta and lok this weekend and now my dreams all have to do with rebuilding the air nation

Man Escapes Alimony After Wife Admits She's a Genie

we need more protections for genies man that isn’t fair

Bishops Scrap Friendlier Views on Gay Catholics

I could shit out better spiritual leaders than these fucks

I love the pema-tenzin clan so much I wish they had their own show

I thought korra was bad ass from the start but she’s mostly super innocent and naive in the first season

that was a simpler time for me too korra I was so young we had more in common than I realized

it’s messed up that people have gone to jail for throwing pies at people as political protest

you’d have to tell the other people in jail that you were in for pie throwing??? that’s gotta be so embarrassing

toph continues to be the best

I think avatar: tla is just a three season long critique of mercantilism