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Oct 1st

I can taste the olives 😢

that’s not how science works!

re: pluto



Hierodula salomonis, aka, the “Jade Mantis”

Bugs are prettier than humans


Traffic comes to a standstill as two lions decide to roll around in the middle of a road on the edge of the Nairobi National Park in Kenya. Commuters were forced to watch the ten-minute display, before the lions left the road.
 by Gareth Jones

If I had a time machine that only went to the future I would travel to friday so I could watch the new legend of korra

andiecast replied to your post “I want pizza 😢 actually I have some mini pizzas but they have olives…”

i had pizza today. pick off the olives. be a man.


Someone email me a pizza

I want pizza 😢 actually I have some mini pizzas but they have olives on them I hate olives 😡😤





Space-Saving Design Ideas

Space saving furniture


tylerforhire for your tiny house

andiecast replied to your post “hey I’m going to be a cool youtube prankster let me know if this is a…”

No. Knock their ice cream down and laugh in their face. Punching them could cause memory loss and they’d forget what happened. You wanna scar them for life. You want them to remember your face.

not every kid is running around with ice cream maybe I should just break their legs with a baseball bat I think that would work

Why 35K Walruses Crowded Onto This Beach

that’s too many walruses