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Aug 26

Burger King Goes Canadian With $11B Tim Hortons Buy -

apparently it was owned by wendy’s at some point I did not know that I am an american and we aren’t allowed to know what our corporations are doing usually

Burger King bought Tim Hortons welcome to the fold Canada good luck may god be with you in this trying time

It’s kinda messed up how thousands of America’s most educated men of color are funneled into pro sports by various discriminatory forces

I mean they’re making a lot of money in a very short amount of time and that’s great for them but I don’t know if it’s great for everyone else

I’m not really that pedantic usually but literally literally doesn’t mean what you think it means it’s probably the only thing that bothers me and usually I ignore it

Literally blows your mind
Literally? blows your mind
Literally? Literally? Literally?
You should go to the hospital
Should I call an ambulance?


I have fruity friends everywhere I go.


I have fruity friends everywhere I go.

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Aug 25

*obama voice* I uhhh I would like to use uh detect evil on uh president vladimir putin

do you think the president ever played d&d I want to play d&d with obama


I can’t tell if I have a pretty decent butt or just no thighs

like my thighs fall away and there’s my butt

I have twig legs

I guess I have twig everything

I am a walking stick insect

I eat leaves and just sit still all day looking like a stick

pretty soon this blog is just going to be pictures of fruit and updates about my renal system

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tbh I have three pints of dairy free ice cream in my freezer right now I eat ice cream every day and I deserve it


i’m a good person, i deserve expensive underwear and dairy free ice cream.

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